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We have specialised in the field of residential enfranchisement (helping tenants buy their freeholds) and lease renewals since 2009. 

We have successfully represented both tenants and landlords with valuing and negotiating premiums for hundreds of lease extensions and freehold purchases.

We work closely with specialist solicitors to ensure as smooth and painless a process as possible.


Protect your interests

The right of long leaseholders to buy their landlord’s interest outright, or to acquire an extended lease term, is unique to England and Wales. The law is constantly evolving, with many precedents and new developments. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you will be keen to protect your respective property interests.

Our experience within this field means we are ideally placed to assist in all matters concerning lease enfranchisement. 



We regularly negotiate with landlords on behalf of tenants, these include Estates & Management, Charles Gallagher, Fairview, Matthew Homes, Peppercorn Property, Pier Management, Sinclair Gardens Investments, Sinclair Investments, The Mattey Group, The Tannen Group & Vote Glen, along with many others.  

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Send us a message, or call us to chat about your lease extension or freehold purchase. This process can seem extremely daunting so we're here to try and help

 make it simpler for you.

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